Tina Philip is a first-generation Indian-American who was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She attended Temple University where she graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree, majoring in Accounting. She also completed her Master In Finance degree from Saint Joseph’s University.<br><br>


Tina spent a few years living in NY and Seattle, but decided to move back to the east coast and joined Full In Partners as CFO in July 2020. She is responsible for the finance and operations of the firm, as well as investor relations.<br><br>


Tina started her career in PE/VC at various firms in and around Philadelphia. She worked at firms such as Morgan Stanley and Hamilton Lane, where she was responsible for fund operations and financial reporting for their fund of funds products.<br><br>


She left Philadelphia and the fund of funds world to move to New York and join Insight Partners in 2014. She worked on the finance team and was responsible for two funds totaling $5B in commitments. During her time at Insight, she developed a comprehensive dexterity for managing a fund. Watching a fund mature from fundraising to making its last investment allowed Tina to gain a full understanding of how to manage a private equity fund. She also gained an interest in tech-focused investing and working with investors that seek technology to change the world.<br><br>


This experience allowed Tina to take a role as CFO of Tola Capital, a venture capital firm based in Seattle, WA. Her operational skillset was deepened further as she managed a complex evergreen fund structure, and also became deeply engaged with the portfolio companies.<br><br>


Tina likes to spend time training her accounting intern, Cash$, also known as her Cavapoo puppy and pandemic pal. Tina is also an avid Philadelphia sports fan and will bask in the glory of the Eagles’ 2018 Super Bowl win for many years to come.