Ross was one of the founders of Kreos in 1998 and over the past 24 years has helped Kreos evolve from the market pioneer into the market leading growth debt provider across UK, Europe and Israel.  Ross now focuses on identifying, assessing and managing transactions as well as participating in the management and execution of Kreos’s overall strategy.<br><br>

Prior to Kreos, Ross spent 10 years in a number of roles within American International Group (AIG) including Vice President of Operations for AIG Europe focusing on developing marketing strategies for 14 countries. He also worked directly with the CEO on several internal projects including: Executive Information Systems, internal consulting roles, management development and the launch and divestment of a software company. Prior to joining AIG, Ross spent two years at American Airlines’ helping to build the industry’s first yield management systems. Ross joined American Airlines from Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned an MSIA. Prior to Carnegie Mellon University Ross obtained a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas Business School where he was part of a team that pioneered research into successful high-growth companies.