Fabio Nalucci, an entrepreneur and investor with a strong passion for innovation, founded GELLIFY in 2017, an innovation platform created to invest and scale new ideas in B2B software which led in 2020 to giving support to Azimut in the launch of a venture capital fund, for which it offers consulting in order to identify the best start-ups to invest in. Nowadays he is helping GELLIFY and Azimut in identifying the most interesting start-ups supporting the deployment of 150M€ of funds. He is active with is personal investment vehicle as well, co-investing through several other funds. His track record in investing in start-ups derives from the successful experiences as the founder of SPSS Italia and i4C Analytics, which taught him how to be an entrepreneur in the B2B software business. Before GELLIFY, he was Sales Global Lead at Accenture Insight Platform, scaling i4C Analytics globally post the Accenture acquisition in 2014. In 2022 he launched a new company called FNDX Ventures: an M&A advisory company which provides M&A advisory to talented founders who want to raise capitals and investment advisory to VC & PE Funds.