Caitlin Kammerait, Managing Director, is a member of the Credit Research & Investments Team at Cliffwater, an investment advisory and asset management firm specializing in alternative investments, including private equity, private debt, hedge funds, real assets, and real estate.

Caitlin manages Cliffwater’s $7 billion direct lending interval fund investment portfolio and is responsible for many facets of the product strategy including sourcing new opportunities, cultivating manager relationships, investment selection and management.

Prior to joining Cliffwater, Caitlin spent over a decade at Antares Capital and its predecessor GE Capital. After completing GE’s Financial Management Program, she began her career on the Antares Credit Team where she was responsible for structuring, underwriting, and managing sponsored transactions. Caitlin was instrumental in launching the Asset Management business for Antares; during her tenure she helped launch and raise assets for a $3B Senior Loan Fund, a $1.6B Unitranche Fund and raised over $9B in SMA business. She was responsible for originating and developing relationships, assisting in the creation of new products, and raising capital from institutional investors.
Caitlin earned her B.B.A. in Finance, Investments, and Banking from University of Wisconsin – Madison.