Anand Mohabir is the founder and CEO of Elteni, a cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm catering to the financial services industry. He is a cybersecurity expert who has spent the last 25 years of his life in technology, security, and compliance. His professional time is spent spreading awareness about cybersecurity threats and working with clients to continuously improve their cybersecurity posture. He is an ethical hacker who can take apart networks to find weaknesses, so that he can provide recommendations on how to correct them.

Anand spent several years working for both buy and sell side firms, before moving into consulting, where he’s spent the last 8 years providing cybersecurity consulting services to financial services firms. In his prior years, he held several roles, including Managing Director at ACA Aponix, a division of ACA Compliance Group, CTO of Adams Hill Partners, Systems and Network Engineer at JAT Capital, Director of Technology at Massif Partners, Senior Systems and Network Engineer at Diamondback Capital, Director of Technology at Duff Capital, Senior Network and Security Engineer at Frontpoint Partners, Director of Technology at Labranche Structured Products, and Network Engineer at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

He currently spends his time with his family doing everything they want to do, and when not doing that, he dabbles in the art of video gaming, and serves on a few cybersecurity boards and committees focused on spreading cybersecurity education.